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It didn’t even hurt at first. I felt numb. It just didn’t feel real. I could still feel his fingers on my skin as he told me he’d missed me. That he loved me. That I belonged to him. The pathetic text messages ensued. I’m sorry for everything I didn’t do right. Can we please talk. All of them still remain delivered, not even read.

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My Amazing Trip to Ubud in Bali, Indonesia

I just came back from a trip to Bali, Indonesia with my family. We went to Ubud area of Bali. Bali was a beautiful island. We stayed two nights at Suci Sari Villas, and then two nights at Visesa Resort. We had private pool villas at both places and both were amazing, though Visesa was more fancy. We had amazing experiences and saw lots of cool things and ate great food.

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My Favourite Black Mirror Episode: San Junipero

black mirror san junipero

San Junipero is a simulated reality. People can visit while they’re alive, and their consciousness can be uploaded to it permanently after their death. It is like a digital afterlife. Yorkie was paralyzed in a car wreck at 21 after her parents reacted negatively to her coming out as a lesbian. She hopes to get married so that her spouse can authorize her physician-assisted suicide, so she can move on to San Junipero. Kelly lost her daughter at a young age. She visits San Junipero but she doesn’t want to stay because her daughter died before she could go to San Junipero, and her husband chose to die without it as well. [spoiler alert] They fall in love, get married and live out their life in San Junipero.

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Film Review: Always Be My Maybe

always be my maybe

Childhood friends Marcus Kim (Randall Park) and Sasha Tran (Ali Wong) meet again after 16 years. They were once best friends, but after their fallout following their first sex, they pursued entirely different lives. Sasha is now a successful celebrity chef and Marcus is a stoner and a local band frontman working for his dad’s air conditioning business.

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