July Favorites 2018

I am back with July favorites.  Check out last month’s favorites post if you hadn’t seen it already!

Hunter Boots

Hunter Women's Original Tall Rain Boots

July is a very rainy time in South Korea. I could not have survived it without these boots. They are very sturdy and they protected my feet and ankles of my pants from getting wet. I like this dark color. It goes with everything but still doesn’t feel as “heavy” as jet black. Perfect for rainy summer day mood.

Blue Converse Sneakers

Remember these from this post? When It doesn’t rain, I wear these. They are perfect for summer and they go with pretty much anything I’d wear in the summer, so I just love these so much. You can tell that it’s been worn many times. I feel like that adds character to the shoes.

Light Wash Jeans

This summer has been very hot (and I normally don’t get hot!) and while I would love to wear shorts all the times, I sometimes wear pants, especially when I’m expecting to stay at a strongly air-conditioned place for a extended period of time. Light wash jeans look icy, so they are visually cooler. They are still jeans so it’s easy to style them.

Lush Tea Tree Toner

My skin likes to act up, especially in summer. With this Tea Tree Toner from Lush, I had a lot less breakouts than before as tea tree has that effect. I just spray it on my face after washing my face. I follow up with Placentor Vegetal creme to moisturize, which has also helped my skin.

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

Remember when this was really popular on YouTube? I was using a different bronzer then, but I like this one better. I can see why everyone was crazy about them. They are so versatile and high quality. The chocolate smell is just a bonus.

Those were my July favorites. What were your favorites this month?


Juggling Everything Is Hard

This week I went to work, took music classes, went to the gym, had a photoshoot, and went to a concert with my family. On top of that I was blogging. I enjoyed all of it, maybe except work. But it left me feeling exhausted. I felt like I didn’t get enough rest.

I didn’t have the mental capacity to communicate as much with my boyfriend, and as a result he felt neglected.

Maybe I planned more things than I should have. After all, out of all those things, the only thing I had to do was going to work. But all work and no play makes me a dull child. I do need a creative outlet. I do need to spend time with my family. I do need to follow my passion.

But I also need to accept that I only have one body and 168 hours a week. I have a relationship to build. A significant other to care for. And most importantly I have myself to take care of.

I need to slow down a little. So in August I am taking 2 music classes in a week instead of 3 and adjusting my gym time. I don’t have to cram in plans for every hour I have and feel rushed all the time. I am young and have everything ahead of me. I live and learn every day.

A lesson from today

I fancy myself a well-travelled gal. I have been to over a dozen countries in Europe, Asia and North America. But today I realized that I’m kind of in a bubble.

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What I wore to a piano concert

I wore a little black dress from H&M and a pair of black heels I got at Nordstrom many years ago.

My Summer K-pop Playlist

There are great new songs coming out each and every day, but I find myself going back to older songs, from anywhere from a few years to over a decade ago. Growing up in Korea, I listened to K-pop every summer, even before it had this kind of global recognition. I wanted to share my favorite K-pop songs to listen to in the summer.

BoA – Atlantis Princess

This might be my favorite K-pop song ever.

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