The Most Comfortable Bra I’ve Ever Worn.

I’ve been braless for a very long time. But when I got an office job, I was thrilled to have found employment, but I also dreaded it because I’d probably have to wear a bra almost every work day. And there my quest for a comfortable bra began.

uniqlo beauty soft bra

photo from Uniqlo

Uniqlo Beauty Soft Bra

The Uniqlo Beauty Soft Bra doesn’t have any wires or clasps that press your skin, and the band is wide and stretchy, so it wraps your rib cage comfortably without strangling you. Sure, it’s not the cutest looking bra; that’s not what this bra is for. It provides maximum comfort; that is what it’s designed for. Looks really aren’t my concern as no one other than myself is going to see this bra.

It comes in 3 sizes, S, M, and L. Since the band is stretchy and the cups are soft and not wired, (they are closer to pads than cups for that reason) they don’t need to have varied sizes like regular bras. Size S fit me nicely. My breasts are very small. I just need my bra to cover my nipples (I found nipple patches to be even more annoying than bras) and this is good for that. I can’t speak for support for bigger breasts, but if you can comfortably be braless without support from bra, Uniqlo Beauty Soft Bra would be a good choice for your comfort.

The beige color was a good match for my skin but probably not for those with darker skin tone. Uniqlo is a Japanese brand, so their products are mostly made for East Asian people. It comes in several different colors, such as light pink, black, and khaki. It also comes in the beautiful baby blue color but I only saw them in stores and not on the website.


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