Why You Should Get a Diaper Bag Even If You Don’t Have a Baby

I have two diaper bags. Melobaby Melotote and Anne Madeline Diaper Backpack. I find that diaper bags are more useful counterparts of regular bags.

They are stylish.

When I tell someone I use a diaper bag as my purse when they haven’t seen it, they say, “But diaper bags aren’t cute!” There is this strange preconceived notion that diaper bags have to be ugly. Who says you have to give up style just because you have a baby? A lot of parents like to be stylish. Diaper bags these days come in various styles and many of them look just as good as any other bags.

They are roomy and have lots of pockets.

Babies require a lot of things. Diapers, obviously, and bottles, wipes, Diaper bags must accomodate all those things. Not only that, they have to be structured in a way that allows parents to organize everything so they can be easily accesed in a pinch. This applies to non-baby related stuff, too. If you’re like me and like to carry everything you may or may not possibly need, this is a major reason why you’d want a diaper bag.

They are waterproof and easy to clean.

Babies can be messy, and diaper bags are designed to be mess-proof. Most diaper bags are waterproof, inside and out. This is especially useful if you like to carry beverages or food in your bag. Many diaper bags have insulated pockets, which makes it even better! Diaper bags need to be easy to clean, too. Which means they are more often than not machine-washable. But you won’t need to wash them very often because most things can be simply wiped off.

You won’t need to get a new bag if you have a baby.

Some people don’t plan to have kids ever, and if you plan to be childless forever, you can disregard this point. But many of us want kids eventually. And when you finally have that baby, you’ll have one less thing to buy or worry about since you already have a diaper bag. You’ll already know the structure of the bag inside out. So if you plan on having kids eventually, this is a plus.

Changing pads are more useful than you’d think.

Most diaper bags come with matching changing pads. At first I just left them in the bag because I didn’t bother to take them out, but they came in handy. When you want to sit down outdoors, when you want to lay down your bag on an icky surface, when you want to eat the lunch you packed and want to lay down something on the table… The detachable changing pads are really nice to have.

Diaper bags are for parents first and foremost, but you don’t have to be a parent to use one. To summerize, what is good for babies and parents are also good for those without children.

diaper bag recommendations

Matt & Nat Percio

Matt & Nat Percio diaper bag

This vegan diaper bag has 9 pockets. It can be worn crossbody or as a tote. It’s made with eco-friendly materials!

RUVALINO Diaper Bag Backpack

Ruvalino Diaper Bag

This is perfect if you’re in school or just prefer backpacks. It’s less than $30! Ruvalino diaper bags have very good reviews on Amazon.

Timi & Leslie Metro Messenger

Timi & Leslie Metro Messenger diaper bagAnother vegan diaper bag that is very chic.


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