Triple Town: My Favorite Mobile Game

Triple Town

Triple Town by Spry Fox is my favorite game on my phone. The brilliance of it is in its simplicity. Three adjacent grass makes a bush, three bushes make a tree, three trees make a hut, and so on, hence the name Triple Town. It is so damn cute and fun.

The game is freemium. You could play for free but you have limited turns, (turns meaning placing 1 item) and you can in-app purchase unlimited turns. I purchased them both on my phone and my iPad (ah the laments of having Android phone and Apple iPad) and never looked back. It’s most definitely worth it!

It keeps your brain engaged while not making you think too much that your head hurts. It’s great for when you have time to kill. There are different maps and there are challenges with which you can earn golds. You can use the gold to buy items when you get stuck.

I love other Spry Fox games such as Bushido Bear and Alphabear. (They have a bear theme going on despite the name Spry Fox)

So definitely check out the game if you are looking for a new cute simple mobile game!

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