How to Get AdSense Approved with A New Site

*Note that depending on region there may be a requirement that your site must have been up for certain time to use AdSense. If so you just have to wait to meet that requirement.

How to Get AdSense Approved with A New Site (photo by Freepik)

There are many, many advertisement vendors on the internet, but I prefer Google AdSense. I already have a Google account so it’s easy to manage, and since my website targets visitors all over the world and not just Korea, the ad needs to be localized, and only large global sellers like Google can do that. But getting approved can be a challenge, especially when your site is new. We all want to start monetizing our content as soon as possible, right?

My blog is barely a month old and it’s AdSense approved! I was rejected the first time but accepted the second. And let me tell you what I did differently.

Have a clean, mobile-friendly design.

It doesn’t have to look super amazing. (Just look at my blog… haha) But it does have to be clean and mobile friendly. Majority of web traffic comes from mobile devices these days, so making your site mobile-friendly is a must anyways.

Have information pages like “about” and “privacy policy”, as well as contact information.

Google Adsense requires a certain privacy disclosure in their terms. You can learn more about it here. There are privacy policy generators online┬áthat you can use. Most of them will charge extra for custom AdSense form, but if you don’t want to pay, you can get a generic privacy policy form them then add the AdSense part. You can use my page as a reference.

Having an about page helps too. It should contain the introduction for your site and contact information, unless you have a separate contact page.

Have as much quality content as possible.

If your site is new, there most likely isn’t a ton of content, but you can still do your best. I had about 15-16 posts when I re-applied, and got approved. You’re more likely to get approved when you have more text, so put up some text-heavy contents. But don’t forget to add some images and videos so that your content is more well-rounded


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