July State of Affairs


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I’ve now worked two full months at my new job. It’s pretty mundane, to be quite honest, but getting the paycheck is rewarding. My forgetfulness is an obstacle, but I’m taking this as an opportunity to address it once and for all. This is my first full-time job, and it’s been easier than I expected.

Having a full time job has honestly lifted a lot of weight off my metaphorical chest. At least I’m doing something and making money, and I’m getting something that I can claim as experience on my CV, even if I end up wanting a completely different job later. I am saving up money, too, so I feel more financially stable and prepared. And I’m getting a clearer picture of who I want to be. So even though I don’t have it all figured out right now, I’m on my way there.


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My boyfriend and I have went through some rough patches past few months, but it’s all stabilized. Long distance relationship is definitely hard, but being able to trust and connect with someone even when we’re far apart is rewarding. And I’m going to see my boyfriend at the end of the month! Yay!

I am so excited to see him, and I’m so excited to go to Tokyo even though I’ve been there many times before.


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I have that “I like gym but I also like french fries” body. And these days I’ve been slacking a little at the gym. I don’t want to do anything when it’s so blazing hot. But I need to get myself together and get myself to the gym. Going 4 times a week like I used to is my goal. I need to work on my arms and shoulders especially. I’ve been focusing on legs and booty and I’d like to have more balance. I will still keep working on my lower body until I reach my goal measurements! I need to do some more cardio, which is gonna be hard because it’s so hot, but good for me.

I used to have this summer body obsession, but ever since I let that go, I have been approaching fitness from a much more positive perspective.


I’ve been trying to blog seriously. I had another blog before but I abandoned it (classic me) and I decided to start fresh. So here we are. I have grown since then and have more substance in my life to write about, so I feel like I can be a better blogger now. I also have access to a better camera.

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Other than blogging, I’ve been learning producing and DJing, and I’ve been doing well so far. I made lots of songs, although they’re not ready to be shared. It fulfills my creative drive so well. I get to explore my taste in music, and it drove me to find more new music. I’ll be sharing my summer playlist soon.

Mental Health

I struggle with clinical depression. I have been for years. I didn’t see hardly any progress until recently. My psychiatrist is happy with my new progress. I’m still struggling every day, but I have a more positive out look on my life, that’s for sure. I’m not missing my medication, which has been a key to my improvement. Wish me luck with this journey, because it’s going to be long.

So that’s the state of affairs for this month.


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