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Playlist: K-pop for Summer

There are great new songs coming out each and every day, but I find myself going back to older songs, from anywhere from a few years to over a decade ago. Growing up in Korea, I listened to K-pop every summer, even before it had this kind of global recognition. I wanted to share my favorite K-pop songs to listen to in the summer.

BoA – Atlantis Princess

This might be my favorite K-pop song ever.

f(x) – Hot Summer

How can a summer playlist not include this song?

HYUNA – Bubble Pop

‘Red’ and ‘Ice Cream’ are also great summer songs by HyunA.

Super Junior – Miracle

TVXQ – Balloons

Ah, the simpler times when TVXQ was five people.

Apink – Mr. Chu

BIGBANG & 2NE1 – Lollipop

Bada – VIP

This song is really old.

KARA – Lupin

I remember being in middle school and shaking my little butt to this song.

Girl’s Generation – Genie

I love the marine concept of this music video, it’s fit for summer.

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