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Film Review: A Simple Favor (2018)

Warning: this post may contain spoilers to the movie.

A Simple Favor 2018 movie poster

In A Simple Favor, successful business executive and a mother Emily Nelson (Blake Lively) suddenly disappears one day, and her best friend Stephanie (Anna Kendrick) unveils her dark secrets in search for her friend. I am not the biggest fan of plot twists but it was done right, and the twist after twist kept me on the edge of my seat.

I don’t comment on the actors’ acting very often when I review movies, but the two lead actresses’ performance was so excellent. Blake Lively did a great job playing the beautiful psychopath, but Anna Kendrick was even more perfect as an overly enthusiastic suburban mom. Where she points a gun at Sean and Emily, I thought, huh, this isn’t as convincing as what I would expect from a gifted actor like Kendrick. Then it is revealed that she was really meta-acting, and I was reminded of how I should have never doubted such a talented actor.

This is one of very few movies that I actually like better than the book, although the book has its own merits, and since there are quite a lot of differences between them I would recommend both. It is easily the favourite film I saw in 2018. (My favourite movie released in 2018 would be Leto, but I saw that in January 2019.)

Although my thoughts at the end was oh, a white woman gets only twenty years in prison for arson, two murders and attempted insurance fraud, A Simple Favor is a well-made movie.

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