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Film Review: Leto (2018)

Film Leto 2018 poster

Beautiful. That’s the first thought I had when the film was over and the credits started rolling. This film was so beautiful.

Now, Leto isn’t entirely true to the facts, which really defeats the purpose for a biopic, but I’m almost glad that they sacrificed the facts for aesthetic. It was truly a cinematic experience.

Mostly in black-and-white with bits of nostalgic footage and cartoonish effects in color, the film explores the life of Viktor and Mike, rock musicians of Soviet Russia. There isn’t much of a plot development or a grand finale. Just people, living their lives, immersed in music. That’s the beauty of this film.

As a biopic, I can hardly call it that, but this film is still a work of art, and I am so glad that I saw this in the theatre.

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