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Film Review: Bird Box (2018)

Warning: this post may contain spoilers for Bird Box.

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I have this weird thing. I am disinclined to try something that gets a lot of Internet hype. I think that’s the part of me that refuses to hop on a bandwagon, but then, rejecting something because of its hype is giving in to the herd mentality in a way. So yeah, I put off watching Bird Box, until a good friend told me she watched it and I should too.

It was a good film, although I came to realize that the hype was more around the memes rather than the film itself. I admit, they’re pretty funny.

Malorie is thrown into an apocalyptic situation mid-pregnancy. In a world where seeing the outside causes you to die, they fight to survive. When they get to a safe(r) haven, that is when she names Girl and Boy. She was ambivalent about her baby from the beginning, but her motherhood is further delayed by the hardship of survival.

It’s not just parenthood that the apocalypse takes away. Trust is broken when Felix and Lucy leaves house and takes the car. Compassion leads to destruction, like when Olympia lets Gary in and he gets almost everyone in the house to see the outside. And she loses her love, Tom, when the people from the asylum comes after them. (Which I felt stigmatizes mental illness, but I’m not going to discuss that in this post.)

Out of many questions that arise from this film, (What are they? Is the government trying to solve the issue? Why are the mentally ill reacting differently?) the only thing that bothered me was Gary’s drawings. They are supposedly the things he sees, the things that caused this whole situation. The drawings are certainly creepy, but nothing that would cause every single sane person to kill themselves immediately. It really took away from the mystique that was supposed to be terrifying.

All in all, Netflix hit the mark with this movie. I am thinking of reading the book it was based on.

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