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Album Review: Bad Bunny – X 100pre

Bad Bunny came out with a full-length album “X 100pre” on Christmas Eve last year. I used to not be a huge fan of Bad Bunny. He was alright, but he didn’t do much for me, until now, at least. That made me all the more impressed with this new album. Bad Bunny has been the rising star for a while, but this album truly solidified his status as the leader of Latin trap.


The album starts off with guitar strums. Then the kicks and bass kick in. I also like the marimba type instrument (not sure what it is) in the song. This track is tropically laid-back but also lit and going hard. It says: This is Latin trap, and I am it.

200 MPH (feat. Diplo)

Courtesy of Diplo, this track has excellent trap instrumental. This is an exciting song. I can see myself playing this song in a club if I DJed.

¿Quién tú eres?

This is probably the song I didn’t like as much as the others in the album. Not that it wasn’t good, I just liked other songs better. I especially didn’t like the narration done by some other man.


This track starts out as speedy trap and then in the middle becomes a mellow ballad-esque song that sings “solamente soy feliz” then aptly comes back to hard-going trap.

Tenemos Que Hablar

Pop-punk type muted guitar riff marks the beginning of this track and it smoothly transitions to trap while keeping the pop punk feel. Bad Bunny’s vocal on this particular track has a romantic, soft feel, which is maintained even while the drum keeps kicking hard.

Otra Noche en Miami

This track’s instrumental is dancey, but Bad Bunny’s vocals convey lonely feelings. “Another night in Miami, another night without you,” he sings.

Ser Bichote

This is a song of a boy who achieved his dream. Bad Bunny has a lot to be proud of. But unlike money-flashing swagger type songs, Ser Bichote feels less self-aggrandizing and a bit more humble because of the overall tone of the song.

Si Estuviésemos Juntos

This really showed Bad Bunny’s romantic side, glimpses of which peeked throughout the album.

Solo De Mi

This has to be my favourite song from X 100pre. It starts out as this mellow, sweet song, and then switches to Bad Bunny’s signature trap.

Cuando Perriabas

My only complaint is that this song is a little bit slow for actual perreo, although I can make it work.

La Romana (feat. El Alfa)

This track incorporates Latin guitar phrase and warrior ritual sounds (I don’t know if this is a proper term, but it’s all I can think of) perfectly into trap. I loved the 2018 interpretation of Hispanic Caribbean heritage.

Como Antes

I feel like this song would have been dreamier if it had done without the trap drums scattered throughout the song, or if the drums were more low-key and softer. Other than that, it is a lovely song.


This track continues the dreamy choir feel of Como Antes. Sound-wise I feel like it could just be one song with Como Antes.

Estamos Bien

This catchy song with lovely instrumental is definitely beautiful, but I’m not sure if this song warranted a single release over some other songs in this album.

MÍA (feat. Drake)

Probably the most popular song from the album, it’s very danceable and catchy. The lyrics is kinda sweet, “Say you are mine.” The song is quite Drake-y.

In conclusion, I couldn’t stop listening to this album. It made me like trap. I feel like I got to see a different side of Bad Bunny’s music. X 100pre is an excellent album and Bad Bunny has truly outdone himself. Props to him as well as the producers worked with him.

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