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Book Review: Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll

*This post may have spoilers.

TifAni “Ani” FaNelli’s life seems perfect. She has a great job as a writer at a magazine in New York City, and she has a perfect prince charming in shining armour as her fiancé. But as the production of a documentary about a tragedy happened at her old prep school approaches, her life begins to fall apart.

I thoroughly enjoyed Luckiest Girl Alive. I really identified with the protagonist TifAni. I too have love and hate relationship with my body image and my food. While it isn’t central to the plot, it plays a critical role in describing TifAni’s psyche. And I have attended prestigious private school as a non-wealthy outsider. Knoll was really spot on about people who come from old money and people who don’t and therefore have to fake it ’till they make it. The pressure of maintaining the facade of a perfect life is something I know all too well.

The dark secrets from her high school were revealed little by little and it really kept me turning the pages. I did suspect school shooting to begin with; after all, that’s what it comes to mind when I see the words “school,” “tragedy,” and “documentary,” especially if the setting is the USA. But I did not expect how and by whom the event was carried out. I also expected the rape because again, when I think of dark secrets and school, that’s what comes to mind. But still, Knoll managed to keep the suspense riveting.

The ending was a bit anticlimactic for me, though. Although I am happy that Ani decided to leave Luke, I honestly didn’t think she would just end it the day of the wedding and be done with it. Overall, Luckiest Girl Alive was a great read.

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