Juggling Everything Is Hard

This week I went to work, took music classes, went to the gym, had a photoshoot, and went to a concert with my family. On top of that I was blogging. I enjoyed all of it, maybe except work. But it left me feeling exhausted. I felt like I didn’t get enough rest.

I didn’t have the mental capacity to communicate as much with my boyfriend, and as a result he felt neglected.

Maybe I planned more things than I should have. After all, out of all those things, the only thing I had to do was going to work. But all work and no play makes me a dull child. I do need a creative outlet. I do need to spend time with my family. I do need to follow my passion.

But I also need to accept that I only have one body and 168 hours a week. I have a relationship to build. A significant other to care for. And most importantly I have myself to take care of.

I need to slow down a little. So in August I am taking 2 music classes in a week instead of 3 and adjusting my gym time. I don’t have to cram in plans for every hour I have and feel rushed all the time. I am young and have everything ahead of me. I live and learn every day.

What I wore to a piano concert

I wore a little black dress from H&M and a pair of black heels I got at Nordstrom many years ago.

My Summer K-pop Playlist

There are great new songs coming out each and every day, but I find myself going back to older songs, from anywhere from a few years to over a decade ago. Growing up in Korea, I listened to K-pop every summer, even before it had this kind of global recognition. I wanted to share my favorite K-pop songs to listen to in the summer.

BoA – Atlantis Princess

This might be my favorite K-pop song ever.

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July State of Affairs


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

I’ve now worked two full months at my new job. It’s pretty mundane, to be quite honest, but getting the paycheck is rewarding. My forgetfulness is an obstacle, but I’m taking this as an opportunity to address it once and for all. This is my first full-time job, and it’s been easier than I expected.

Having a full time job has honestly lifted a lot of weight off my metaphorical chest. At least I’m doing something and making money, and I’m getting something that I can claim as experience on my CV, even if I end up wanting a completely different job later. I am saving up money, too, so I feel more financially stable and prepared. And I’m getting a clearer picture of who I want to be. So even though I don’t have it all figured out right now, I’m on my way there.

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How to Spend a Day at Lotte World Mall in Jamsil, Seoul

Lotte World Tower is, well, a super tall tower in Jamsil, Seoul. It has office units and residential apartments, hotel, etc. but it also has a shopping mall and department stores. I frequent Lotte World Mall as I live not too far from there. If you are going to visit Lotte World mall, consider visiting these places.

You can look up the exact locations of these establishments here.

Where to eat

Most of the restaurants are on 5th and 6th floor. You can just go up there and choose whichever one intrigues you! But these are the places I like to eat at.


Ganga is an Indian restaurant on 6th floor. Every one of their vegetable curry is delicious, and they serve good beverages.


김지현(@jihyun.unni)님의 공유 게시물님,

Bills is on the first floor unlike other restaurants. The best way I can describe Bills is Sex and the City brunch, but they serve all day. I really like the food. It’s popular so the waiting is looong, but it is well worth the wait. I especially recommend it if you want that Instagram aesthetic brunch.

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