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Jihyun Weekly: January 13th, 2019

This week I finished The Hate U Give, read Born a Crime, Lives of Girls and Women, and A Room of One’s Own. I was very impressed by Lives of Girls and Women. Alice Munro is my favourite author at the moment and I plan to read more of her works. Her writing is simply magnificent. Such beautiful prose. I was also very inspired by A Room of One’s Own. I am trying to be a writer and hopefully make a living off of it one day, and she asserts that a woman needs to have a room of her own and some money. I had already planned to purchase an apartment at the beginning of next year, and reading A Room of One’s Own empowered me and solidified my plans. I am about to start reading┬áChina Rich Girlfriend, and I will read Rich People Problems afterwards. I will post a review of Crazy Rich Asians trilogy. I also ordered On the Come Up by Angie Thomas, since I liked The Hate U give so much. I planned to read one book a week, but two weeks into 2019 and I’ve already read five. So I am well ahead, and…

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Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj

When I first heard that Hasan Minhaj was leaving The Daily Show to have his own show, I wasn’t that interested. I liked him then, but not that much. Oh, how wrong I have been. Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj is my favourite thing on Netflix ever. He studied political science at university then became a comedian. The result? A show that is so informative but at the same time so very funny. I love each and every episode too much to pick a favourite, but the one I feel I’ve learned the most is the one on Saudi Arabia. I find Middle Eastern politics infatuating. Brutal, but fascinating. I knew that Yemen was going through a war right now, but I didn’t know the background, and Minhaj explained it in less than one minute. Another episode I found fascinating is Supreme. I was never one to care much about “hype”, so I didn’t think I was going to get much out of that episode. I was wrong, again. What I thought was just a overhyped fashion brand was deeply, deeply entangled with politics. Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj is a Netflix show, but they put episodes on Youtube. I…

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