South Korea’s Girl Idols, Unrealistic Expectations, and Fried Chicken

*This was originally posted on my previous blog in 2017.

I’m flabbergasted at how businesses use (yes, use) girl idols and the image their bodies portray.

For those who do not understand Korean:

Girls of AOA (Korean girl idol group) weigh themselves in the morning. They have to weigh no more than 50kg, approximately 110 lbs. Seolhyun, one of the AOA members weighed more than that. The girls scold her for having gained weight and take away her sweet potato. Then, they go to work, where their colleagues bring chicken. Seolhyun is tempted, and others encourage her to eat just one bite. So she takes one bite. The executive of the entertainment company walks in, and scolds her for eating fried chicken when she weighs so much.

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