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It didn’t even hurt at first. I felt numb. It just didn’t feel real. I could still feel his fingers on my skin as he told me he’d missed me. That he loved me. That I belonged to him. The pathetic text messages ensued. I’m sorry for everything I didn’t do right. Can we please talk. All of them still remain delivered, not even read.

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Playlist: Breakup Songs for Fives Stages of Grief

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Breakups—we’ve all been through them. But it hurts every time. We need music to get through such tough time. And even when I’m not going through a breakup or a tough patch in a relationship, I sometimes feel like listening to sad songs. So here are my favorite breakup songs, categorized by Kübler-Ross model of five stages of grief. But listen to them at any stage of grief as you like.

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