July State of Affairs


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

I’ve now worked two full months at my new job. It’s pretty mundane, to be quite honest, but getting the paycheck is rewarding. My forgetfulness is an obstacle, but I’m taking this as an opportunity to address it once and for all. This is my first full-time job, and it’s been easier than I expected.

Having a full time job has honestly lifted a lot of weight off my metaphorical chest. At least I’m doing something and making money, and I’m getting something that I can claim as experience on my CV, even if I end up wanting a completely different job later. I am saving up money, too, so I feel more financially stable and prepared. And I’m getting a clearer picture of who I want to be. So even though I don’t have it all figured out right now, I’m on my way there.

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