A night out in Itaewon, Seoul

So I had a fun night out club hopping in Itaewon…

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Vegan-friendly Healthy Food in Gangnam, Seoul: March Rabbit

March Rabbit is a salad place that has several locations in Korea. I went to one in Sinsa-dong in Gangnam area. They have several vegan-friendly dishes! I ordered Happy Vegan, which is a salad with tofu. I thought I was gonna be hungry after eating it but it was surprisingly filling. The veggies were fresh and the quinoa on the side was delicious. Tofu was very nice, too.


Vegan Ruben Sandwich at Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas Lounge

Jihyun and vegan ruben sandwich from Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas Lounge
vegan ruben sandwich

Price: 28,000 KRW

The bread was delicious and the tofu was cooked to perfection. The sauerkraut blends in perfectly with the rest of the ingredients and the vegetables were very fresh, and avocado completes the sandwich magnificently. The fries that came with it was perfectly fried too. I was very impressed.